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Simplify your financial life and take control of your personal finances in the palm of your hand, enjoy a quick, easy and hassle-free financial experience.


Record and track your income and expenses.


Create reports with which you can analyze your spending and saving patterns.


Create customized budgets tailored to your needs and financial goals.


Establish short, medium and long term savings goals.


With your financial friend you will be in control of your finances.

Finami is a financial management application that offers users an easy and convenient way to manage their personal finances. The standard services are free and provide users with all the necessary tools to keep track of their income, expenses, budget and financial goals.


In the world of technology and personal finance, The Empire, KGC Group and Loyo Miot Group have established a strong partnership.


The Empire

Company specialized in the incubation and development of technological projects. Our main goal is to drive innovation and create sustainable solutions that have a significant impact on society. We have a team of highly skilled experts in software development, user interface design and marketing consulting. We work closely with our clients, from the initial planning phase through product launch and ongoing maintenance, to ensure that their needs are met and their visions are respected. At The Empire, we pride ourselves on delivering quality services and working closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals.


KGC Group

Team of Estate Planning experts with more than 12 years of experience, specialized in helping our clients build their wealth through financial products that encourage the systematic accumulation of money. Our approach is based on offering life insurance policies with living benefits, which generate interest and guaranteed cash values. Through personalized advice, we analyze the financial situation of each client and design financial goals adapted to their real interests and economic capabilities. We accompany our clients at every stage of their financial goals, whether in entrepreneurship or in the retirement stage. Our mission is to provide peace of mind and financial security to individuals and families, establishing fair, honest and ethical relationships. Despite the obstacles , we always firmly pursue our success, integrating technical financial knowledge and technology to educate and offer solutions in personal finance through decentralized finance.


Loyo Miot Group

Loyo Miot Group, has more than 9 years of experience as Wealth Protection Advisors designing personalized financial strategies to protect our clients' assets and help them achieve financial freedom. We develop guaranteed plans with life insurance through tools that help our clients build wealth through financial products that encourage the systematic accumulation of money, generating interest and guaranteed cash values; using said funds both for retirement, to pay for their university studies children, protection of their company, as well as to invest in their future venture; providing flexibility and security at each stage of their financial life to our clients. Our commitment is to provide security with personalized monitoring, both at an individual and business level to our clients. from the beginning. We protect the present and future of our clients, their families and their companies.


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